The Megarack® DRIVE-IN System makes great use of the available storage space for palletized goods.

Drive-in racking systems are particularly suitable for the storage of a large range of products that come in small quantities, whose packaging does not allow for storage in blocks.

The added value of this system is that there are no corridors aisles between the racking and all of the rack channels can be used as storage spaces. The utilisation of storage is more than 80%.

Drive-in racking systems are accessed by counterbalance forklifts, Pallet stackers and reach trucks. Maximum load capacity for these pallet platforms is 1500 kg.


Recommended for:

  • storing palletized goods

  • storing the same and non-perishable goods

  • system enables FI-LO (first in-last out)

Main technical features:

  • max. load 1,5 t / pallet

  • max. load per rack field 30 t

  • rack height up to 11 m



Wir empfehlen für:

  • Lagerung von Paletten Waren

  • Lagerung gleicher und
    unverderblicher Waren

  • System ermöglicht die FI-LO (first in- last out)

Die wichtigsten technischen Merkmale:

  • Belastung des Regalfensters bis zu 4 t

  • Belastung des Regalfelds bis zu 30 t

  • Regalhöhe bis zu 12 m

  • Verstellbarkeit der Palettenträger in Schritten von 50 mm