Providing a high level of quality and short delivery times
with the help of modern equipment and technical skills.


At Artex, we build a partnership with our customers that begins with an analysis of the customers' "problems" and expectations free of charge. On this basis, we propose (advise) customers a solution that would best meet their requirements and expectations.

Our years of experience and a high level of knowledge help us with counseling, where we always take into account a number of criteria (the purpose of use, individual requirements, expectations ...) in finding the most suitable solution.

In finding the most suitable solutions, we are known as a very flexible partner, which is primarily provided by our production, which is not standardized but enables custom-made solutions.

Our consulting service (finding the best solution) is performed in three steps:

1. Getting to know the "problem" In order to provide our customers with the best solution, we must first thoroughly understand their problem. We do this by talking and executing a snapshot of the storage facilities and packaging units for storage.

2. Finding the right solution Based on a thorough understanding of the problem, with the help of our experienced and professionally qualified experts, we find the best solution - we come up with preliminary solutions.

3. Presentation of solutions that maximize customer benefits All the conceptual solutions that we present are also evaluated, so our customers are aware in advance of all the advantages and disadvantages that individual solutions will provide. Based on this, we decide to equip a warehouse with the customer. Once the conceptual design has been approved, the design of the project for implementation is started, on the basis of which the appropriate equipment is designed and assembled.


The SIST EN 15635 standard for the maintenance of shelving structures places the responsibility of safe use onto the warehouse user. Periodic and annual professional inspections are required.

The Artex team offers quality and professional repair work based on the SIST EN 15635 rack equipment inspection report.


We are aware that each warehouse is unique, each user has their own requirements or desires as well as limitations. Our design department provides expert advice and outline of the conceptual layout for the warehouse, taking into account all available technical capabilities and standards.

Precisely because of our own production, which has a tradition in the production of storage equipment since 1972 in Lendava, we can prepare our joint project to scale and turnkey. With expert installation or possible repair of the equipment by our installation team, we make sure that we can offer you everything in one place.


We have a professional and experienced team of installers for quality installation.

For the serial part of products such as Pikorack and Maxirack, you can perform the installation yourself according to our installation instructions.

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